Professional Landscape Design in Savannah, GA

With our experienced team of Landscape Designers, Sweet City Landscapes can help the residents of Savannah, Georgia enjoy their outdoors! From landscape maintenance to landscape design and installation, we can create an outdoor area designed for complete relaxation with family and friends! If you have a new property or need to re-design the grounds of your current property, we have experts in all types of commercial and residential properties. Our professional designs are admired for their beauty, longevity and ease of maintenance. 

Patios in Savannah, GA

Our patio designs create an inviting area that you will look forward to enjoying time and time again. We will work together to meet your expectations, as well as, provide additional suggestions you may not have considered for added enjoyment! Carefully planned walkways and patios can enhance the functionality and visual appeal of your exterior spaces.  We have years of experience designing walks and patios that work for any type of yard or outdoor space.

Retaining Walls in Savannah, GA

To keep your landscape and yard healthy, or as added seating, our landscape team can build a retaining wall for your yard. Whether it’s needed for retaining soil, or as a decorative structure, we offer a variety of options in design and materials. From stone to concrete, at various heights call us today and we can help you design your wall.

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